It takes a scientist to take good care of a newborn

Baby cries, parents need to diagnose the problem, form hypothesis of what might be wrong, do some testing to check if that’s really the case, and solve the problem.  A wrong diagnosis can only make a baby more upset, or disrupt the routine that is being established with the baby.

Baby doing everything, parents might want to log down all the activities including the surrounding environment.  This data can be used to identify outliers, or changes in the baby, allowing parents to respond more promptly.  For example, baby is eating more, baby is having stomachaches more frequently, baby is sleeping less when it gets warmer, some of these can be perfectly normal, some can mean a problem.

Luckily, newborns have a limited memory and are just a combination of simple reflexes.  Wondering what the scientist can do when babies grow up, the problems become more complex, and many factors begin to interact with each other.  Maybe the artist side of the scientist or the engineer side would need to take over now and then.


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